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36" Chandelier, Details on hardware


Heavy duty hook will be included.

Harware in total.




The construction shown without the decorative tubes.

Upper portion ( which takes the whole lamp) is made from a 3/8 IPS steel pipe,
lower portion (which holds the 6 lights cluster) is made from a 1/4 IPS steel pipe

Total weight of th shade: 10.2 Kilogramms (22.5 pounds)
Total weight of the chains: 7 Kilogramms ( 15.5 pounds)

(One single hook is strong enough to hold the complete lamp;
we have more than 80% reserve on strength. )

Measurement of the heavy duty loop (made in USA).

Harware  comes as single piece (electrificated) with 6 chains,  ready for installation.




All harware will be  packed professionally in a custom made wooden box.

Please find details on electrification here

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